Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yeng's 2nd Major Concert

It was a really unexpected thing happened to me. I was just sitting in front of the computer, facebooking in the middle of the day with nothing else to do when I saw the Rockstar promo of SM Accessories about Yeng Constantino I answered the question given, then the next thing I know was that I won 2 tickets for Yeng's 2nd Major concert (Oh yeah!)

When we got there we still dunno what section we were gonna be sitting. Then finally!

We got a 2 VIP Gold left tickets! (2 thumbs up!) :))

And a photos from BaiCapture

Ohh I went with my friend (Kambal) Julia Chan
We saw the Melason they were so nice and funny :)

After a while Ryan Bang went in

And after the long wait. Here's the gorgeous Yeng Constantino comming up the stage.
The crowd was so energetic and the shouting was getting louder and louder as she walks right to the center stage.

Standing ovation for the one and only Rock princess
M&Co. top, JAG Jeans, LOVE and Snakes connector rings from  SC Accessories, Timex watch, bracelets and headband from SM Accessories

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