Friday, October 14, 2011

Ironman Philippines 70.3 2011

                                                Went to Camsur (CWC) for Ironman Event.
Went to CWC with my kambal Julia Chan. 
We stayed at the Villa very nice and you can really feel the breezy feeling.
First day, our cabin, our roomates YEAY! First day we didn't even know each other and we had this shot. No wonder we all got along well together
First day in the morning what to do? what to do?
5 Easy Race Kit Release Steps
I was assigned on station no. 5 the loot bags area
Meet the Station No. 5 
(From left to right) Altea, Lara, me, Red, Michaela, and Madel
with my lovely roomates
(Left to right) Madel, me, Altea, Aivee, Red, and Julia
My key, my access to the event
Finally! the day of the Triathlon.
Who won? whoelse! No other than Pete Jacobs. Look at the press
After the days of hard work. Now time to relax and enjoy the wonderful CWC.

We all had a great time working for the Eventking. They were all nice our bosses and everyone. And ofcourse even the athetes they were all nice. It was a really great experience to work with them, hopefully I can still be part of Ironman next year. 

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