Sunday, April 17, 2011

All our goodbyes to you Ms. Irish Jane Pabalan

The lovely couple who'll stay strong in spite of distance.

I can't post the video we made for you babe. But here are some mem'ries you'll surely treasure :)
So again! We love you and we will miss you.
Great opportunity for you to grab. And you can bet on that we'll be there to support you
Good luck and God bless! :*

Hey look! I'm a fighter. *wink *wink
A little technique from what we call Muay Thai

I don't know why suddenly they all looked at me. 

Here's my Retribution! *evil laugh

So uhmm. yea! :) gaysh*t (they're both straight)
Guess who. I need to blurr it for the sake of my friend :) hihi.
This photo is actually my revenge material! *evil laugh

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