Monday, April 18, 2011

Parable of the Tissue

With Tracie Millares and Jade Francisco

With Tricia and Renzel

With Ron Pagunsan. So I saw him again at Central Bf Paranaque. 
Mixed emotions I must say.

With my dearest sis Jade Francisco. I love this lady beside me. She was my partner in crime that night.
Very lovely skin. KAMATIS! :)

So went out for chillin' with Tracie Millares and her bf Jed, Jade, Julia and her bf Pao, Precy, Jerome, Mike, Ken, Cart, Lexie,Kyla and her bf Shin first stop Cabooze then went to Laiya to eat. Finally CENTRAL!

So we all had a great time. We all went home drunk.
And ofcourse I will never forget the missing tissues in the ladies room.
And why Lexie had... ='>

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