Monday, April 18, 2011

Tanikala: Ang lihim ng ikatlong aklat

So I saw this trailer on GMA a suspense thriller trilogy entitled Tanikala: Ang lihim ng Ikatlong aklat  and it was amazing that it easily caught my attention. Even before I like suspense so maybe that's why I'm really looking forward to watch it. And so I thought it was a movie because when I saw the trailer it has the movie qualityof. But it's actually ..... 
CBN Asia’s annual Holy Week presentation. Each day starting April 21, 2011 they will feature an episode

Tanikala: Ang Lihim ng Ikatlong Aklat recounts the stories of Mercy, Jonaver, and Gory against the evil forces of darkness surrounding their lives and how they were able to overcome them.


Miriam Quiambao for Tanikala3: Panata

Izzy Trazona for Tanikala3: Kulam

Icko Gonzalez for Tanikala3: Wasak

Tanikala3: Kulam (April 21, 2011)

KULAM Mercy (Izzy Trazona) experienced a curse of death from a legion of malignos as an innocent child that led to a series of life-threatening events as she was growing up. Mercy got married but she remained childless. She was then forced by her husband to consult an albularyo that resulted to a terrifying growth in her stomach which occurs every full moon. The evil scheme was brought upon her by a witch that only wanted to kill her and destroyher marriage as a fulfillment of her childhood curse. Will it be too late for Mercy?

Tanikala3: Wasak (April 22, 2011)

I didn't get any video for this episode. But if you want you can check the website they have the trailer just click the title above Tanikala3: Wasak.

WASAK tells the story of Gospel singer, Jonaver (Icko Gonzalez). Sexually-abused as a child, he grew up with a distorted view of love and sex. Impoverished and desperate, his father turned to drug trade that destroyed his entire family. Jonaver also fell hard into the trap of drug and sex addiction to cover up the pain of lost innocence. With a broken and crushed spirit, Jonaver stopped singing. Will he ever be whole again and find something worthwhile to sing about?

Tanikala3: Panata (April 23,2011)

PANATA. Gory (Ms. Miriam Quiambao) grew up believing that she was incapable of doing anything because she was physically and mentally weak. Her family made sure she was aware of her flaws. In her longing for approval and purpose as a young woman, she sought help from the powers of mysticism and claimed to have been given a gift to heal others. One day, she finds herself ill-stricken. Despite her ‘gift’, she could not heal herself. In her quest to save lives, will she find LIFE?

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